Optional Mobile Header Title Switch

@1101010 I’ve switched this back on now. Let me know if there are any issues.

Thanks, I’ll take a look but the header now is like this for me on mobile FYI

Woohoo, header pinned again but yeah, the text blocks in the header are too wide on my phone

Header is slightly overflowing.

Didn’t mind the icons but now the header is too wide it’s GETTING SERIOUS.

Ok. I’ll see if I can turn off some of the new little bits I’ve added for mobile.

Maybe just move the website link to the top of the hamburger menu, if you can?

Can you try the Black 4 Mobile theme for a moment and see if it’s better?

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Dark mode? It does look okay now DiS is gone from the text yeah

Lemme know if you want me to make mobile versions of another theme. I’ve done a DiS one which seems nice to me.

So for whatever reason the header title switch option is back but it doesn’t actually work any more.

It definitely was working when I posted this just after you reimplemented it

but after you put the updates to the title bar in to shrink it back again or the new themes or something it reverted…

It’s because I have changed the header to show the support us link

Can you explain why know the title of the thread you’re replying to is so important?

The title isn’t important it’s the fact it’s so fiddly to get back to your user icon.

Currently if you have a bunch if notifications you check them but it’s a lot tougher when you can’t click your icon in-thread.

Unfortunately using the Android screen record causes glitches but you can see it in action sort of

In this instance it worked out more or less because my icon stayed at the top so I could click it to see the other notification. But often it either flicks back to the title before you get to it or else maybe your finger gives a minute nudge up as you move to the top of the screen triggering it to flick back to the title.

It’s just utterly infuriating necessitating you have to click out of the thread before you can view the other notifications against your profile.

Odd. On iPhones you see the notifications again when you scroll back up slightly.

Yeah, there was a discussion about this in another thread the other day.

I’m on Android, and I get this when scrolling down

And this when scrolling up

It took me a couple of minutes to get used to, but it’s pretty intuitive, I think.

In order for it to switch, you have to scroll about a cm, so it’s pretty easy to click on the icons, including my profile to see my notifications.

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This one?


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