Oracle's down


Just logged a call


Working fine here (for once). Have you tried restarting your computer?


Web based innit. Rest of the internet is working


Hey old people, remember when Teletext was called Oracle?


Wasn’t ITV’s version Oracle and BBC’s Ceefax but both were the Teletext system?


Yes, I think teletext (without capital t) was the general system but Teletext (with capital t) is what repleaced Orcale. If you trust the source:


working fine for me:


oh no, what ‘name all the countries in the world’ quiz can I do now???


I was on Bamboozle earlier and it worked ok for me


Mine’s fine. Yours must be knock-off shit.


Has anyone sent an ambulance to Delphi!!!


bit highbrow mate


Sorry, been reading too many @saps posts


How dare you