Oral Histories thread (not filth)

Anyone else obsessed with these? I will read an oral history about literally anything. Who else enjoys having a story told through the medium of interweaving interviews?

A few faves:

If you can't be bothered reading all that please at least read this:



Yeah love them too.

Meet Me in the Bathroom is a great one.


I’m still working through Chernobyl Prayer and it’s great


Obviously this:

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Keep meaning to read that, good shout! Seem to remember reading some fairly large chunks of that online but can’t find them now, just articles like this which have some fun stuff in it:

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Oh man, Action Park is something else I’m obsessed with. The Dollop episode about that was brilliant.

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It might be my favorite place on the planet, I’m so sad that I’m never going to get to experience it again.

The book by the owner’s son was a lot of fun:

There’s a documentary on HBO too for anyone interested.

I’m somehow jealous of you having gone there, even though I’d be way too scared to go there myself.

I’ll ask the stupid question - is an oral history (that you read) just a transcription of people talking about something? Or is there a more specific meaning?

Yeah, that’s about it, though usually the person putting the article together will have a specific story and narrative that they’ll tell using those transcripts. I guess it’s a lot like a documentary where you’ve got interview snippets with various people but then they’re strung together to make a story.

It was really so much fun and worth all of the pain you’d feel the next day. I was there one of the few days the looping slide was open but was way too terrified to even think of attempting it.

The Colorado slide might have been the most fun thing at any water or amusement park. They don’t talk about it in the book or documentary for some reason, but you essentially had to carry those giant, extremely heavy rafts up a slippery jagged stone “path” up a mountain while dodging everyone else. Remember my dad and I trying to balance it on our heads despite our height differential just so we could see the tripping hazards below us.

Love watching old footage from the 80s and early 90s.

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Acquired taste and all, but I love the made-up ones that ClickHole does sometimes:


Just watched that with a permanent :grimacing: on my face. Wow.

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(It’s about the Attack! Attack! crabcore video)

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