Oral Hygeine (polls)

Alright Adge Cutler

[this time I am intentionally doing this despite knowing you won’t get the reference, sorry.]

I had both my lower wisdom teeth out last year, and had my first fillings in the rear molars that had been damaged by the wisdom teeth.

The whole thing was surprisingly painless.

Possibly the best post ever made on this website.

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Well, there’s the “Who put the ball in the German’s net?” one as well

My dentist is an arse. Is anyone else’s dentist an arse?

  • Yes, arse
  • No, not arse

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As long as you’re ok with the anaesthetic then fillings and extractions aren’t too bad. Scale and polish is the worst dental procedure IMO


Think I have a different one every time I go, and they’re all significantly younger than me now which is a bit surreal.

“OK so that’s a quarter of it done…”

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I’ve used Macleans Freshmint my entire life and I’m terrified that it’ll disappear as it’s been a twice daily taste for nigh on fifty years, changing that now would take some getting used to!

You gotta admit, I’m doing pretty well for someone who’s been dead for 45 years. :smiley:

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I make light of it, but it’s a real proper superstition of mine. Lifetime of Crest = no dental work.

What’s a dentist?

Joke’s on me anyway since Adge died before they wrote the song I was erroneously attributing to him.

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TW: Horrible content.

My Dad pulled two of my baby teeth out with pliers when I was a kid. Thought it was normal until I told my GF last year and she was horrified.

Not normal now, quite common back in the day.

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About four pounds! No, wait, hang on.
Damn near killed him! Mmm, that can’t be right.
Hi dentist, I’m dad! Ah, perfect!


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There’s no need to brush them twice a day.

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Yeah mine have all been ok the current one I have is particularly sturdy. I’ll try and remember the name of it as it’s not on the toothbrush itself