Orange is the New Black

Anyone else looking forward to the new season next month?

Season FIVE?

Crikey. Think I lost interest towards the end of two (liked the show, just… kinda… stopped).

What happens in 3/4 ?

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TBH all I care is if that cool Brooklyn moll is still in it.

Morello? She’s been getting progressively more insane

Season 3 - pretty goofy season, most of it seems to involve selling panties on the side
Season 4 - basically a whole season on how private companies running prisons is a terrible idea

Ooh yeah, that’s her (thanks IMDb!)

Don’t think I’ll bother catching-up. Might just dive in though if it’s on Netflix.

So… thoughts?

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Properly shite.

anyone still watching this? halfway through now, enjoying it way more than the last 2 seasons
still doing a really good job of making the secondary characters interesting / funny enough to compensate for the garbage plotting

Taystee is the best character for me Clive

Thought this series was proper dull. Didn’t like how they tried to make us feel sorry for the guy who killed Poussey.