Are up to something. All their social media has been updated!

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Good to hear. I loved Snivilisation and In Sides. I saw them at the Ally Pally on New Year’s Eve 1996 on an all nighter. Yep, I’m not young.

I would be all over anything they decided to do tbh tbf. Was a big fan of Wonky the other year and caught them live at Royal Albert Hall on the tour.

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their live at Glastonbury dvd is on youtube. 1994-2004. good stuff!


Hooray! Their final album before the first split wasn’t great, but Wonky was an amazing comeback.

Used to love how they tried to make eye contact with everyone in the crowd when they played. You can hear my incoherent whooping on the live version of Impact they released on one of the Satan Live singles.

There’s no point in getting excited about Orbital, unless you see that they’re headlining the Other Stage.

It’s not what I was expecting but fairdos to them.

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Nice piece here. With new track (which I can’t listen to in work frustratingly…)

Lovely that they’ve sorted their differences out.

The new track is called Kinetic 2017. Was there an earlier interpretation of this track? If so where can I find it?

Think it’s a reworking of Frenetic https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=n5xNGY4NlkI

That track might just be a reworking, but it’s bloody lovely.

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Thank you. Saw them there in 1994 amazing.

…and that was a rework of this:

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On further investigation it appears kinetic was a song by golden girls in the early 90s, which was Paul hartnoll and somebody else. Orbital remixed it in 98 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5IhuPfal7LI


I had no idea they had had a falling out. Glad they’ve patched it up because Wonky was fantastic. I really hope they don’t go for another greatest hits compilation thing again though. A bit like New Order, there are only so many times you can do that before it starts to wear thin.

I won’t buy a hits album, but I’ll go see a hits show in a heartbeat.

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Realised I did not give Wonky a proper listening at the time. It’s amazing!

This ^

Also, I fully believe that Orbital’s ‘Walk Now’ should be up in any top 10 best British songs of all time