ordering a Coffee in a coffee shop

think my fave coffee comes from coco di mama.

never heard of it. nearest one to me is in Macclesfield.

Flat whites are generally in very small cups here compared to other places, so often its a single shot.

Flat white and other cups of coffee up to €4 each now here

They were €2.60 when I moved here 5 years ago

Honestly no other chain is remotely close to 200 Degrees’ level, it’s embarrassing and depressing.


To be fair, I’d never heard of 200 Degrees before your post and now I need to find out where there is one.

Right, so it’s mostly Midlands and North, but with one in Cardiff. I live in Bristol so will give that a go next time I’m there.

We have a chain of sorts here - Mokoko. Two in Bristol, two or three in Bath, one in Portishead. Until I moved in with my partner last month, one of them was at the end of my street. It got a lot of my money.

Thing I like about 200 Degrees: rocking up to the till and ordering an oat milk dirty chai latte with three shots* and the barista is like “Aha, a fellow intellectual!”, whereas if I do that in Starbucks they usually look at me as if I’ve just sprouted horns.

*if you know, you know

Interestingly enough*, Coffee # 1 seems to be clustered around the south-west, with the one in Macc being the furthest north, and everything else being south-west (with a few home county branches).

*probably not interesting reaaally


Lucky to be in the hometown of 200 Degrees and have 3 of them to choose from. The best cortado.

Also they don’t charge extra for Not-Cow milk.

The one next to work gets sooo busy though.

I don’t like saying ‘Americano’. Don’t know why, just seems like a pointless term to me. It’s a minor irk, but every time I have to go through the same superfluous conversation and it riles me.

“Hi. Can I please have a black coffee?”
“An Americano?”
“Erm, I guess…”
“With or without milk?”
(bites fist) “Erm, without I think”.

It’s why greasy spoons are miles better than fancy coffee shops.

“Can I have a cup of tea, please?”
(slaps brew on side) “£2, fuck off”.


BTP > Coffee 1 > Nero > Pret > just not having a coffee > Starbucks/Costa.

Went to the 200 Degrees in Birmingham last month without realising it was a chain. Really good coffee but would need to visit a few more times to update the list above.

Don’t quite get the praise around 200 degrees, coffee is decent but think I prefer Yorks if we are talking Birmingham/Midlands. To meet someone and sit in though, the 200 degrees Colmore branch is the best

Out of the big chains Nero is my go to but am partial to a Starbucks TNL and pumpkin spice

Had no idea 200 Degrees had got so big, there’s 20 of them now??

Inb4 someone makes a 4000 degrees joke


A sort of observation about when people complain they can’t get a cup of rubbish coffee for a quid anymore. Isn’t it likely in those instances that the person serving it is probably on a really shit wage?

This is probably where I find out that a lot of the places that sell you really nice coffees also pay their workers badly. I do at least know that the one on my old street served nice coffee and looked after their staff.

Possibly. Although in my experience, those places’ business models usually rely on more than coffee (and overpriced traybakes). Prior to Starbucks, cheap shit coffee was the default everywhere. I remember thinking it was mad that people were willing to pay £2.50+ for a coffee just because it was sold in a place that apparently specialised in coffee (that tastes of earth).

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In Australia, baristas are covered by the Restaurant Industry Award which sets minimum rates and also comes with fairly decent penalty rates for weekends, public holidays and overtime. If the employee is employed ona casual basis, it comes with a 25% loading on the hourly rate also. Obviously that depends on the employer being compliant and the worker being conscious of their rights however.

I feel like there’s a MASSIVE discrepancy in the size of a double espresso, depending on where you go.

Is there a reason for this?

Some are getting on for Americano territory. Annoying, but such is life.

Some are basically indistinguishable from a single, to the point where I’m suspicious whether it is actually a double. Especially with the amount of places where someone repeats my order back to me and just says ‘espresso’, and I confirm that it’s a double, and they go ‘oh, yeah, right’, and then when it comes back it’s proper diddy.

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