Ordinary places that were magical as a kid 🌟 🏘

Bad time to start a new thread innit.

Carpet shops

Specific to me, Halsnead Park, a static home site where my Auntie Norma lived.

I think this was her exact home only the grass was all wild back then. Place of all my lovely childhood daydreams. I learned to do a forward roll her garden and she let me eat soup with a Chinese soup spoon. Loads of lizards and all sorts of creatures outside. Couldn’t get over how magical it was.

Look at the state of this lead image, in the middle of lovely fields and they’ve completely flagged their garden, smh


the loft


Woolworths had everything you wanted as a kid, especially pick and mix

Also going to the cinema felt like the biggest thing in the world


Mainly brutalist buildings with loads of long, echoey walkways. Bonus if they’re sloping ones.

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I was going to say the tip, but tips are still great as an adult.



The wardrobe in my mum’s room which was a fitted one in front of a pre-existing cupboard which had a loft hatch in it

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Any of those third tier adventure parks e.g. Paultons Park

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I used to regularly play with some older kids in a derelict factory on what’s probably Pilsworth industrial estate now

Wish I could find some old pictures

Was a completely magical place as to get to it you had to hack through a load of overgrowth and then cross the old mill stream. We used to make ‘rafts’ from the abandoned detritus of planks & big paint cans

It was like some early 80s, grey, raintown post-industrial version of Huckleberry Finn

Once you got into the place it was like our very own castle

My parents forbade me from hanging out with the big kids when my sister grassed me up. Probably for the best. I expect I’m lucky to still be alive


We used to go to Butlins in Pwllheli. It was fucking magic. We’d stay in the chalets, and there were hundreds and hundreds of families, which to adult me sounds fucking dreadful, but as a kid it was great. There were huge swimming pools, arcades everywhere, rollercoasters, and it felt like the days went on forever. Don’t remember there being any real rules, probably because the parents were all tanked up and on the doobies.

Looked it up recently. They flattened it ages ago and turned it into a caravan park.

(Probably more a holiday memory than a ‘ordinary’ place. Garlic bread!).

My dad’s workplace. He had a computer with an early-ish text-to-voice generator. Hours of fun :smiley:

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We never went but I was entranced by the Centre Parcs advert

Also I had a cabin bed with cupboards and a pullout desk underneath, and I used to crawl under the desk and push it in to get under the bed and use it as a little den. Sounds like a dusty, claustrophobic nightmare to adult me


found it

no idea what the factory had been used for previously but the whole site was up for sale about 3 years ago


this was my magic realm, accessed by the enchanted Hollins Brook raft

When I was a child, getting a coke in a glass bottle and a packet of s&v crisps from a pub was so damn exciting


The Magnum Centre, Irvine.


Used to be in awe of the Forth Bridge when I was wee. The only memories I have of my great gran involved looking out the window of her living room at it.

Just read your post properly and realised you have a very similar experience. How odd.

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that’s the biggest bridge in the world!

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The Forth Bridge is magical.

This is kind of true, isn’t it - Overengineered and built like a brick shithouse because the Tay Bridge fell over?


Did everyone’s parents tell them it was one person’s job to paint it and it took a whole year? Dunno if it was true.


Lots of orange things in Scotland aren’t there? Irn Bru, that bridge. Goodbye!