Double stuffed > peanut butter > regular > strawberry > mint>haven’t tried any others I don’t think

Quite like the strawberry one - very synthetic smelling but delicious. The mint one tastes exactly like a mint aero.



Double-stuffed or normal only please.




Only ever had normal. They’re fine. Not wanting to come over all brexit but there are loads of superior biscuits knocking about, people just completely shit themselves over yank confectionary for some reason


I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again

They’re just shit bourbon creams.

(and bourbons are one shit biscuit)




i force myself to like them cause they’re vegan


No PB? I think you’d have a nice time


I don’t really like PB that much, I’m also not sure it would pair so well with the relatively bitter biscuit aspect of the Oreo.


I bought a pack today. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Hugely excited to hear your thoughts


I’ve only ever had regular/“normal”/plain/boring I think, so my list would go roughly as follows:



Yeah this is fair. I think biscuits is one of the few things this country does right tbh. We’re top of the class.


Just in general


Their adverts are horrendously annoying. Sounds like that godawful Owl City song from a couple of years back.


american peanut butter is bullshit man


You shut your filthy mouth AndyVine


I know nothing of american peanut butter, but I bet they all eat smooth like massive, massive babies


Yeah they’re good. No like £1.20 good for they’re 2 for 1 all the time and thats definitely worth it.

Double cream ones are best - never had a mint etc flavoured one.


This is like Americans talking about Jammie Dodgers