Organisations with unnecessarily passive aggressive web content (rolling)



Inspired by me remembering this brilliant little faq my partner found for a cafe near us. Might be a bit of a niche thread but let’s have this one rolling.

Egg licence


Actually I’m not sure this is even passive, just really bad


Oh wow.


Defensive ain’t it.

As much as I loved the Kilburn Luminaire, the Q&A section on their website was of a similar stripe to this. It especially spent ages banging on about how Kilburn had better transport links than Camden (which is true, but they were a bit OTT about it)


Not web content, but the cafe near my office has a shit load of passive aggressive signs up. When I took folk their post burrito club they didn’t like it. Coffee is great though.


Are they ordered by frequency you reckon? Like their 3rd most popular question is “where are the motherfucking eggs at?”


Wynwood is a nice place to go though.


“excuse me, do you do vegan food?”



erm excuse me mate, do you have a licence for those eggs?


Because of the q&a I’ll never know


I remember when our local pub when I was growing up had one of its many changes of hands and my old man went in for his weekly jaunt. They’d put up a load of signs like ‘Please bring your empty glasses back to the bar’ and ‘Please examine your change’ etc. and he was FURIOUS. Absolutely furious. Quite funny really.


Turning the WiFi off is such a very odd thing to do


They seem nice.


Just looked at some pics of the place. They are definitely egg capable


Lunch time is for eating!!
But muuuuummmmmmmmmmm!


you’ve tricked me into looking that thread up and irking myself all over again, well played






Loved it. Especially the sign that slagged off people asking for soy milk.


Don’t know if this counts but when I’ve chased up long overdue orders from small independent online stores I’ve often been given the response “we’re not Amazon, you know” like it’s an excuse for their tardiness.