Organisations with unnecessarily passive aggressive web content (rolling)

For some reason I thought the “no egg licence” bit must have meant that they’re not allowed to serve food at all, but then they talk about a menu containing meat or vegan options. So how did they fail the egg test?

The coffee was dece.

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Wait, just realised that “Wynwood Art District” is a cafe in Walthamstow, not the gallery in Miami famous for its street art.

The Miami one is nice. Go there instead.

“woah woah woah there poindexters, is this some kind of “book club” over here? GET OUT, this cafe is for SRS BUSINESS MEETINGS ONLY”


Would you want to order eggs from somewhere that didn’t want to make eggs but was forced to due to an unwavering tide of egg populism

  • I want you to want to make the eggs
  • I don’t give a fuck what you’re comfortable with, where the motherfucking eggs at?

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presume it’s so people don’t hang around for as long after eating

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One of the cafes near me has signs that say that the wifi doesn’t work between 12 and 2. It always does though.

Again, not sure if this meets the thread criteria but this is always on the door of a cafe in Brighton. They’re self-righteous arrogant fuckers too:


Q 8. Why are you the Wynwood Art District cafe in Walthamstow, and not the gallery in Miami famous for its street art?



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oh yeah that makes more sense

More venues should have the Luminaire’s “shut up and watch the bands or fuck off” signs though.


A very very long time ago I bought a load of records from a fairly well-regarded independent magazine/record label.

They took ages to turn up, the order was incomplete, and there was no documentation stating what should be there, what was still due, when it would arrive etc.

Sent in an email of complaint at this, and received a rant back from the owner about how hard it was to run an independent label and do all your own mail order etc, which ended with “and a packing note? Who do you think we are, Marks and Spencer?”


Why don’t you do eggs?

“We don’t have a kitchen big enough to do that.”

What are they working with, ostrich eggs? I keep rereading this I love it so much


Oh yeah completely agree. I got bollocked once for that and rightly so.



Fucking hell - these people are turds


Which cafe is that?

Can’t help but think that it is a sad indictment of DiS these days that this thread is not tagged with ‘eggs’ :anguished: