Organising things


You a fan?

Best thing of new penoid card game day is filing the new cards in the correct place (one box for each side, subdivided by faction, then in alphabetical order within each subtype within that faction).

I’m currently making a big paper file of all the documents I need for my hearing next week and it’s very satisfying.

No, this isn’t weird. You’re weird.


I like things to be organised, I do not enjoy the process of organising things.


Could’ve just said “no”, ffs. Huge waste of e-trees.


Quite good at organising some things:

DiS drinks
DiS bike ride
Cycle club rides

Bad at organising other things, mainly my life (I had actually triple-booked myself this evening). My job is basically professionally organising the books and I’m probably shit at it.


Old job: Production Controller.

i.e. making a huge spreadsheet of when everything is meant to happen and when press day is and what stage everything is at, and then hassling people about where their stuff is and why they haven’t sent it in (or done it right), but crucially without pissing them off if they are a paying advertiser.


My boyfriends nickname for me is ‘Clipboard’

so make of that what you will


I hate organising events. But filing things away in their correct place makes me tingly in my special place.

You, of all people, should understand.


Physical recordings, vinyl, cds, tapes etc:

  • I keep my music in alphabetical order by artist
  • I have some other system, but they’re organised
  • They’re in a huge jumble
  • I don’t own any records or cds and don’t actually know why I answered this

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Aren’t you mean to be in Munich this morning?


I used to work for an art supply merchants, making their catalogues (basically all of the jobs, not just design).

A big part of it was making paint charts. I started seeing tiny grids of colours every time I closed my eyes.




I like to scribble on things in the hearing. Gives me a psychological advantage.


Alphabetically within genre/sub-genre, genres/sub-genres organised by similarity to their surrounding counterparts.


I’ve got people for this


We’ve still got loads of unpacked boxes from when we moved.

I like sorting through stuff, but only if I can do it in one hit, and I have enough space to lay everything out in little piles. Getting an hour at a time and a corner of a desk to pick through half a box is no fun and never gets me anywhere.

It’s (genuinely) one of the reasons why I’m looking forward to the Christmas break - I’ll have the house to myself and can just plough on with it.


Do you not spend hours trying to decide what genre things are, or is your collection more clearcut? Here is the black metal, here is the happy hardcore.


Plus genres aren’t linear, so which ones go next to which?


Fairly clearcut tbh, top shelves are for hip-hop and go from instrumental to more soulful/organic stuff via boom-bap etc, this then turns into old motown/soul records which turns into modern r&b/soul stuff.

Bottom shelves are largely guitar records going from ROCK to emo to indie-schmindie stuff to singer-songwriter stuff.

It’s largely a meaningless system based entirely on my own perceptions but it works for me.


I have enough trouble with this with books, where it’s a bit more clearcut:

Fiction (alphabetically by author)
Textbooks, dictionaries etc (by language/topic)
Books about books (like literary criticism and the like)
History books (by time period)
Art/craft/coffee table etc books (just arranged however looks good)