Oscars 2020

Yes, they’re awful. Yes they overlook dozens of deserving films. Yes, I will stay up until 5am watching them anyway.

Nominations in three hours time:


Love this gag

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I think this year’s noms might end up being a proper, proper piss take in the inclusivity and diversity stakes (even moreso than usual) to the extent that the backlash may end up actually having an effect.


I could Google this but why do they do this announcement at like 5am in LA?

LA is, famously, the “city that does sleep sometimes but it wakes up very early”


Is NY still ‘the city that hasn’t been to bed yet’?

Yeah, that’s right.

“The Large Apple with no set bedtime”


So good they named it once.


You mean like when we had #oscarssowhite a few years back which clearly had a big, long-lasting effect?

FWIW I think the acting diversity nominees will be better than expected (this will look stupid soon won’t it) but no women nominated for Best Director yet again - Lulu Wang was robbed!

Going to be maximum shitstorm with these nominees between the lack of woman up for best director (and possibly Todd Phillips getting a nomination), the possible lack of diversity in the acting nominees, and all the people on social media who rabidly hate Tarantino and Scarlett Johansson losing their shit. That’s the Oscars for you.

Also, no way Parasite wins Best Picture.

I reckon they might end up increasing the number of noms in the major categories so they can avoid the poor optics moving forward by making “tokenistic” nominations that they’ll never actually reward moving forward,

Oh god no not 10 nominees in every bloody category. Just ban anyone in a musician biopic from getting nominations or something.


Ban them from making the fucking things in the first place IMO.

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Good good, let the hate flow through you etc

(and yes they stink)

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EGOT ranking

Being punched in the face repeatedly

(no idea if the Tonys are any good, I just assume they’re the least worst)

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Can’t believe it does still manage to be something I end up caring about tbh. It’s such bollocks.

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The Farewell spoilers

Think the bit at the end of The Farewell framed from the taxi as it drives off might be my favourite bit of ‘film directing’ of the last 12 months

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Bombshell getting probably three acting nominations is just nuts, it’s Vice all over again

Last year was the first time in ages that I didn’t see all the best picture noms (couldn’t bring myself to watch Bohemian Rhapsody) - less clunkers this year I suspect.

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It’s Annapurna again as well right? They were the ones who put all their eggs in the Vice basket (ahead of Beale Street) for their campaigning last year too?