Oscars 2021

Not seen a single one of them out of any category

Aren’t the Oscars usually in Feb?

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Yeah but covid

Did Oscar himself get it?

Oscar died

… that’s right, died excited about going to Itchy and Scratchy land!

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… that’s right, died excited about going to Nomadland!

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Nomadland is probably going to win and the ratings are going to be awful and US conservatives will be crowing about the terrible ratings for ages after (‘woke Oscars fail with Joe Public!’)

Be funny if they changed the statue to Oscar off the Muppets

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Yeah, when they were first announced I had seen a grand total of 3 across all categories: two in animations and Tenet for sound design or something. Not sure when the last time was that I hadn’t seen a single thing from the main categories

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Should have just skipped awards season this year, just one big disclaimer against if for years to come innit.

Probably going to be the most diverse list of winners ever, so screw the disclaimers I say.

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I’m the exact opposite. Prob the most i’ve ever seen.

Only have The Father and Judas to see from the mains and will get to them in the next week or so. Also wanna get Another Round in. :wink:

Also prob gonna checkout Crip Camp and shorts that are on Netflix/YouTube. A Love Song for Latasha, Genius Loci etc.

Any major omissions for folks?

Dick Johnson Is Dead and Never Rarely Sometimes Always from the stuff i’ve seen.

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Eurovision for best picture

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Maybe American Utopia for documentary? Hard to classify that really.

Rocks for me but that was never going to have a big US audience.

Seen PYW, not fussed by The Father, will watch Chicago 7 and maybe Mank (but, ehh) when I’ve got nothing better to stream, really tempted to wait to see the rest in cinemas but unsure how that’ll work and which will still be screening by then

Pointless Oscar trivia:

If Chadwick Boseman and Viola Davis win (and the former is a near-certainty to win), Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom will become the first film to win Best Actor/Actress since As Good as It Gets

If Glenn Close doesn’t win she’ll join Peter O’Toole in having eight acting nominations without a win at the Oscars. Richard Burton got seven nominations without winning. Thelma Ritter and Deborah Kerr got six nominations without winning, and Amy Adams currently has six nominations without a win.

I think this is the one I’m most invested in this year.
Been rooting for Emile Mosseri since I saw The Last Black Man in San Francisco. Think he has a very good chance of winning this year.

Going to rent Kajillionaire tonight, mainly for the score tbh

I really hope so, it’s my favourite score in yeaaars. It’s so moving.

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The Father was great and incredibly original/fucked up way of presenting dementia in a way that felt kind of harrowing and dizzying in the same way a horror film like Get Out might. Tony H deserves the best actor probably.