Oscars 2021

I have heard very good things about The Father, and I wonder if Hopkins might have bagged a second Oscar if Chadwick Boseman hadn’t passed away (Hopkins does at least already have one anyway!)

tonight is the night that a film about Eurovision wins an Oscar


saw Chicago 7, enjoyed it a lot, more than Promising Young Woman, but doesn’t feel like a film that really deserves (as much as that means anything) a BP Oscar

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any old shite can win best picture

get what you mean though, feels very straight to netflix

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Predictions for the major categories:

Film: Nomadland
Director: Chloe Zhao
Actor: Anthony Hopkins*
Actress: Viola Davis
Supporting Actor: Daniel Kaluuya
Supporting Actress: Youn Yuh-Jung
Original Screenplay: Promising Young Woman
Adapted Screenplay: Nomadland

*to be honest I’m 90% certain Chadwick Boseman is winning (especially as Hopkins already has an Oscar anyway) but I feel like I should make one surprise pick, and The Father seems to have a lot of raves


Wow, can’t believe Paddington 2 won Best Picture for a 3rd year in a row


legit stream for the ceremony

one win already for Promising Young Woman, going to bed

Just very safe isn’t it? I guess if you’re someone who actually believes the police and the justice system are fundamentally good and correct it’s maybe a more surprising and shocking picture but for me (and I’d guess most people on DiS) it just feels quite ‘business as usual’.

Feel like a BP oscar winner should surprise or subvert on some level. For all its faults I did feel like Promising Young Woman did that, a story that didn’t really unfold how I expected at each point including the massive twist of Clancy Brown playing a good guy! (Also doesn’t deserve BP.)

This was easily the smartest thing about Promising Young Woman

Frances McDormand becoming one of a handful of actors to win more than two acting Oscars - impressive!

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I mean she has that thing of being very good regardless of anything else. Even in a massive mess like Three Billboards I couldn’t really begrudge her the Oscar.

She’s great of course, I haven’t seen Nomadland but I assume it’s better than Meryl Streep winning a third Oscar for playing Thatcher

I love Meryl Streep in things but I wouldn’t/couldn’t watch that I think.

I really want to see Nomadland. Apparently it was released in March over here so I guess we’ve missed our window unless the Oscar win pushes it back in cinemas. Obviously the general lack of actual films to show in our open cinemas means that might be a possibility.

No big surprises then. Annoyed I didn’t put money on Hopkins when it was 5/1 a few weeks ago.

The chat on Twitter implied they somehow made it seem like CB was a shoe-in for the Oscar and pissed a lot of people off by giving it to Hopkins, which seems like a layer of shittiness on top.

Yeah they weirdly left the best actor category to last (its usually Best Picture) so it was all set up for a CB victory and then they gave it to Hopkins. Who didn’t show up.

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This is so good. When the fireworks start :cry: :cry:

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nomadland and the father are the only two i’ve still not seen

thought the others were all somewhere between OK and good

It’s lovely, the kids are all beyond themselves with excitement bless em

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