Oscars Retrospective Thread


So let’s run with this idea I mentioned in the Oscars thread. Every so often we’ll pick a random year and debate what won at the Oscars that year, what should have won, what wasn’t nominated, what nominees have been totally forgotten etc. We’ll start with 1991 since that was already being debated - the year when The Silence of the Lambs became the third (and so far, most recent) film to win the Big Five, Beauty and the Beast became the first animated film nominated for Best Picture, John Singleton became the first African-American and youngest person to be nominated for Best Director (we’ll gloss over the rest of his career), and Jack Palance did one-armed push-ups on stage.

So yeah, discuss and stuff.


best picture: terminator 2: judement day


Second biggest winner of the night!


silence of the lambs deserved more awards tbh


Surely Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey should have cleared up?


Given that it’s the Oscars, there’s not much in there to get too upset about, really. Raise The Red Lantern is definitely a better film than Mediterraneo though.

It would have been nice to see My Own Private Idaho and The Double Life Of Veronique nominated for awards, but I wouldn’t have expected them to be.


They gave Kieslowski the ‘sorry we didn’t appreciate you more when you were alive’ Best Director nomination a few years later.


What are the big five awards? Picture, director, actor, actress…?


Screenplay (Original or Adapted)


Pfft, anyone can adapt a screenplay. “Here, Sir Ant, read out all the bits on this page in quote marks.”


I predict in this thread lots of people listing films absolutely nobody has heard of " I simply can’t believe Clan of the Cavebear didn’t win best makeup in 1986" etc


The year that Forrest Gump swept the board…


Best Original Screenplay: Boys 'n the Hood
Best Director: Oliver Stone - JFK
Best Actress: Anna Chlumsky - My Girl
Best Actor: Rik Mayall - Drop Dead Fred


i’m sure i’ve seen jfk but can’t remember a thing about it


You mean the one he got for Three Colours: Red when he was still alive?



Annoys me a bit that Kieslowski gets so much praise for Three Colours when it’s nowhere near his best work.


I think it is personally - although can’t really separate that and Dekalog (+ Short Film about Killing + Short Film about Love). Both masterpieces.

The Double Life of Veronique is overrated in my opinion. And his 70s/80s work isn’t as good as Three Colours etc.


can’t tell if this is sarcasm but aye, pretty true


Doh! Thought he’d died sooner than that.