I’m in Oslo in January for a weekend. What should one do there?

Enjoy the bands with a nice can of craft beer


My recommendations come with a 15 year old pinch of salt, but my highlights back then were:

  • Holmenkollen ski jump: Good ski-ing museum and awesome views from the top of the ski jump.
  • Sognsvann Lake: Get the T-bane to the end of the line and go for a walk around the lake. It’s lovely, although you might want to dress up warm in January.

I’d love to say more about the museums in Bygdøy but I got stranded out there with no money (there was no cash machines at the time and the museums wouldn’t take card) and had lost my return bus ticket. Fortunately the wee hidden path back to the city was beautiful.

Hoping to head back there next autumn so looking forward to the recommendations in this thread.

climb on the roof of the opera house

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I went there about 15 years ago. Lovely city but damn expensive. I remember just buying food from 7/11’s and not eating at restaurants due to the cost.

Sorry. I realise that my reply isn’t very helpful.

Vigeland Park
Viking Boat Musuem
Walk down the water from Mollenpark
Meet @whiterussian


Viking Boat Museum
Munch Museum

I was in Oslo in September. Didn’t do much but I highly recommend having a pizza with @whiterussian

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HELLO! Which weekend in January?

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I’m going to Oslo for New Years! Good timing. Going to bookmark this thread now.

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Take a look in the other thread that @Unlucky linked to upthread!

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Hi! There from 10th-12th.

Excellent. I’m around that weekend, just FYI.

Also, take a look in that other thread etc, and of course let me know if you have any more questions!

Would really recommend going to Frognerseteren on a nice snowy day.

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Perfect! Would be grand to hang out if you’re around.

My only firm plan is to visit The Good Knight (a dedicated chess pub since chess has exploded there since Magnus Carlsen came about) outside of that just want to explore

Frognerseteren sounds lovely. Out atm but will look through recommendations later. Already looking forward to seeing what to see!

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I did exactly this too. Calzone pizzas ftw.

I went to the Scottish bar on Karl Johans Gate assuming I’d be able to sweet talk them into giving me a discount. Instead I panicked and ending up buying what is probably the most expensive pint of Tennents available anywhere in the world.

The only thing I did when I went to Oslo was catch a connecting flight to Bergen, to go on a trip to see the Northern Lights (which are up there in my top 5 experiences ever).

We’ve got friends in Drammen though, so I’m going to be going back at some point.