I would normally have come back a few weeks ago from a solid summer running kids workshops in various places in Austria, but obviously didn’t happen this year (I was there in Feb though).

No Piefkes allowed.
Passt scho, and das geht sich gut aus.

This means nothing to me


ive spent far more time in switzerland than i have in austria. don’t really like switzerland at all.

Should I post my Lederhosen (Polyesterhosen?) pic in here again?

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I go to Vorarlberg for work a lot- it’s basically Switzerland, but is in Austria. They speak Swiss German and are uptight rule followers (unlike the rest of the Austrians).

I go round schools doing workshops and I’m normally finished with work by 1.30. Absolute nightmare getting any lunch around there- respectable people eat lunch between 12.30 and 1 and that’s how it works. What do you mean you want to buy a sandwich at 1.45? Why don’t you have a wife at home making you one?

Loved Österreich when I was there though. Innsbruck is incredible - that mountain backdrop and ridiculously blue river running through it. The mountain pass up from Bressanone was so nice too.

Just going to list other places I have been in Austria too, sorry.

That mad Brutalist church outside Vienna is amazing, Wotrubakirche?

Neusiedler See was cool and there were two little towns in the west near the swiss border that were good - Schruns and Bludenz, and Feldkirch too actually.

GBOL, Austria.

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Vorarlberg is very beautiful though, and you don’t run into virulent racists there the way you do in the Tirol or Carinthia though.

Innsbruck is one of my favourite places- I often have cause to do the train journey from the Hungarian to Swiss borders for work, and I always try and have a weekend break in Innsbruck along the way.

I got to Feldkirch and Bludenz for work a fair bit.

If you go east from Neusiedl there’s a really weird bleak sort of Kansas of Austria bit.

Photo I took standing on top of the Hahnenkamm in Kitzbühel. This bit was about the same height as Ben Nevis (the peak is higher, but quite a nice easy walk if you’re physically fit), but I was wearing a t-shirt and trainers, and there’s a pub up there.


This is stunning!

These cows lived at the top of the mountain


Oh cool - yeah I could easily live in Innsbruck (I guess if I spoke Austrian and had any skills, but y’know)

I went east from Illmitz to Ikreny on my way to Gyor and I think I went through that bit! Such a stark contrast crossing the border into Hungary around there. Went from seeing BMWs to horse-drawn carts in the space of a couple of hours.

Fun word, that.

They have a really, really thick accent around there. A lot of Germans can’t understand them. Example from work:

Girl in my class writing some drama dialogue for a sketch: How do you say “tschüüri” in English?
Me: Uh, I don’t know this German word, can you write it down
Girl: Erm, I think TSCHÜÜRI
Me: Nope?
Girl: The tschüüri in the talent contest
Me: OH! Jury. It’s the same in German

Had a trip booked to Innsbruck just before you know what kicked in. Not going to happen for a while now is it.

I was there on the border in Feb for work, and the local carnival was on. It featured a party tractor pumping out happy hardcore with people on the back handing out aldi beers.

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I spent a couple of days cycling up and down the Danube near Melk and Qrems (sp?). Really nice area.

Also Salzburg is a stunning location even it’s a bit touristy.

Krems-an-der-Donau. It’s really nice around there, but my co-workers dread getting the Krems assignment. The school, kids and town are nice, but the hotel is a horrible Ryanair does motel type affair on a commercial estate and people dread staying there- some of the rooms are windowless and it feels like staying in a multi-story carpark.

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Ich bin nach nur Wien gefahren. Ich mag Wien.

This place

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