other messageboards that exist


somehow, when talking to a friend just now, we came to ponder whether there is an A-Team messageboard.

and there is!

what other messageboards still exist?

this is a thread that I made whilst being drunk and I hope it goes well.

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There are other message boards?!?!


I think the only other message board I’ve ever posted on was the Interpol forum…a long time ago


Always good value for people being completely fucking irrational. Also, when we went to Wembley in 2016, there was an 8 page discussion about whether they’d have pasties or if people should bring them from home.


Brilliant :grinning:


Honestly, people were absolutely losing their shit.


There’s a thread on hipinion titled ‘Arcade Fire launch new era of cultural airballs’ which always makes me chuckle. It’s mostly people lamenting what a douchebag Win Butler is and posting long extracts from interviews describing him as being over-competitive at pickup basketball.


Used to be a member but haven’t been by in many years. Got distracted by other shiny objects.


Denza are you planning to steal members from these boards for even more chaotic politics threads?


There are many and they’re mostly bad.

Every birthday I tend to be reminded by a stream of emails rolling in saying happy birthday from various niche forums, e.g. Sonic Youth, some games forum, the Home Theater Forum, that sort of thing


have you had a browse of the A-Team messageboard?

did you see the thread where they discuss toxic masculinity with regards to the members of the A-Team?

because I read two posts of that thread and I think maybe they have much to contribute to Drowned in Sound.


I remember him being very tall when I nervously shook his hand at the second ever UK Arcade Fire show.

I think the career path of the band suggests that he is very competitive, to an embarrassing extent. beyond his abilities as a basketball player.

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It was difficult to read on my phone on account of the colour scheme.


it’s not great, is it. they’ve camouflaged the text a bit.

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I get one from an Excel forum, find it especially bleak


I would suggest you hit the invert colours option on your phone.


The only other message boards in my life were anime ones in 2001. I was in year 8 or 9 and was pretending to be american to protect my identity which was hard because it meant i couldnt talk about anime airing in the uk and had to keep changing my spelling :joy: i think i told this story before but this is the message board where a fanfiction writer i admired was the digimon board moderator. And by admire i mean painstakingly changing her name for mine in her fanfiction so i could read it again and pretend it was me on the adventure. No find and replace as well as i used notepad to get the precise font and size :skull:


I am so glad the internet didn’t exist when I was a young teen!


first forum i ever signed up to was NME. cesspit. is a forum a messageboard? idk. i miss the days of the effort post, when someone would c+p someone’s argument and debunk it line by line. i remember following an argument somewhere online about saladin’s tactics in the siege of jerusalem. these two guys arguing about what he did right and wrong. went on for 10 pages, it was magnificent.

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Apparently there’s a music message board on this very website!