Other people's parents

She did :blush:

One of my exes’ parents didn’t like me, they were polite to my face but he told me they didn’t like me. I think they thought I was a bad influence on their precious angel. But why tell me that??


Don’t know don’t care

I had an ex who’s parents were like that from the off and all it did was make me more of a twat towards them.


Mostly they like me, I’m very polite.

However one of my best friend’s dads probably hates me because of my behaviour as a teenager.

  1. I once woke him up at 2.30am by putting his daughter in the Walls of Jericho (a wrestling move) on their patio directly under their bedroom window.

  2. They were the most well-off of my friendship group by a distance, and so we’d often have parties at their house, and they’d almost always put on a massive spread for us and then piss off for the evening letting us run riot. One time I got there and there was no spread, and I jokingly had a pop at my mate for the lack of said spread. Her dad was upstairs, heard the whole thing, came down and gave me a right old bollocking.

Loads of other little things too, I always seem to put my foot in my gob around him, properly intimidates me.


Not sure why you’d expect a small child to have the ability to decide “I’ll ruin this thing instead of that thing because it’s more replaceable”, as though a 7 year old would know that a flannel costs less than a towel


i think they generally like me but i think some friends’ parents find me a bit forgettable. can’t blame them tbh.

I highly doubt this is the case! How could anyone forget those lovely curls?! :heart:


you’d be surprised!

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I think I’m pretty forgettable too to be honest. Haha. I can’t think of any of my friends parents that I got vibes that they really liked me. Other than my best friend BUT she is also my cousin and therefore her mum is my auntie :laughing:

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Parents love me and often make remarks about how they wish their sons could be more like me. This has happened many, many times in my life.

Clearly he only told me to make me feel bad, because why else would he tell me that, so for all I know he could have made it up anyway. But in any case, sorry to them for corrupting their awful son and good riddance

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They have all loved me like a son.

I tell you the other side of this, when parents start criticising their kids in front of you and you’re meant to what, join in and call your pal/TV a twat?? Start arguing with them for being bad parents?

No, it’s the torturous sort of half smile and think of literally anything to move the conversation on to.

Always loved when that happened. Throw your mate under the bus in front of them, maybe add some other stuff, then remark on how harsh their parents were on them later and say it was out of order. #bothsides


They liked me because I was a good influence (aka a frightened, joyless, rule-abiding child incapable of thinking about anything other than consequences)

They probably didn’t like having me around though, my awkward silence is off-putting.

Biggest trouble I ever got into was doing a Mad Libs with my friend when we were like 8 years old or something. His super Christian mom saw what we were doing and made us read it to her. At one point I read “pencils” out loud and she stopped us and started screaming “I know it’s not pencils! I know you boys chose penises! I know you did!” and kicked me out of the house and made him wash toilets.

(we had chosen penises)


Just remembered that I went to my next door neighbours house when I was 9 to play Harry Potter make believe games with their daughter and we used all her mum’s fancy lotions and hair products in the bathroom to make ‘potions’. her mum absolutely flipped out and I got sent to bed at 6pm by my parents. :frowning:

Just remembered my friend’s dad powerbombed me once, as I walked past him in their hallway on the way back from the toilet. 28 years old I was etc.


i really like calling my mates parents mam and dad, and they seem to love it too so that’s good coz fuck remembering their names man


I had a friend at school called nick and we lost touch and then I started to work with his dad and now I’m friends with his dad and not with nick.

it’s a very weird dynamic.