'Other Room' memories

What memories do you have from your childhood of TV shows or movies that the adults were watching in another room. It might have been you were too young for them, it might have been that they were on just as you were going to bed or just that you didn’t have any interest, but you can remember the theme tune drifting out of the room, or you might have snuck in to catch a glimpse.

For me, it was my dad watching these

and sneaking a peak at this scene when I was supposed to be in bed, utterly terrifying myself

It’s obvious why Gremlins would stick in my memory but I’m more interested in things that have stayed in our heads when there isn’t a clear reason for it.

Whattaya got?

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Bottom is one I vividly remember

Was my first thought too

The rest was procedurals, couldn’t tell you the name of any of them.

Great thread by the way, flawless execution and placed in the correct sub forum. You’re a shining beacon of hope, @hesastopsiiiiign

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Theme tune from Dallas drifting up the stairs

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my Dad watching Home Improvement at 7:30 (why the fuck were we sent to bed at this hour) but very much enjoyed watching it with him when I got older

ar ar ar ar ar ar


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My dad watching this on a Sunday night

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I don’t really have any of these memories. Bedtimes were only loosely enforced and my parents mostly watched boring shit like the news or Question Time. They also either didn’t have much sense of what was appropriate TV for a kid or didn’t fancy enduring it, with the result that I also had to watch the news and was like 40 before I saw Aladdin or the Lion King.


I was allowed to watch whatever I liked tbh