Other than in conjunction with a dinner jacket have you ever worn a bow tie?



I have not.


This should be in the Tory poll thread really.


Surely the only person who can answer yes to this is Frank Butcher.


when i was 4 or 5 i used to wear one as part of my dracula halloween outfit


Yeah once to my work Christmas party because I couldn’t be bothered to actually sort out a DJ or wear my kilt, but I still wanted to look a bit better than just banging a normal tie on my suit.


Do we know the political leanings of Dracula?


Why do you have a kilt, Theo?


cue heavy handed satire.


banging on a tie


I almost wore one to a wedding, but my better judgement took hold.


yes I used to have a massive silver one covered in sequins on a bit of elsatic that I wore for fancy dress etc occasionally


I had to wear one as part of my uniform at my first job.


Had to wear a bright green elasticated one at school as part of the year 8 choir.

Also wore a black one in the school play in year 4 as I was playing a rich old man who took in a poor orphan in Victorian times.


haha wwwwwwwanker!


“Guys, the disco is cancelled because I couldn’t be bothered sorting out a DJ, but not to worry because I am wearing a bow tie. Let the festivities commence!”


Smee, honestly it was awful. And I was on £2.00 an hour. Two pounds an hour! Even M[fullname] B[redacted] was getting more money than me sitting on his arse at the Texaco garage reading the Daily Sport.


This is sub my humour.


Because more than 50% of my family is Scottish, and most of them are MacLeod so I have a MacLeod kilt that I got for my wedding.




Yeah - first job when I was 16 was as a silver service waiter at a fairly posh hotel. I was crap at it, spilt a cup of (cold) coffee on a bloke’s leg once. It was all three course meal, banqueting-type stuff paid for in advance so you hardly ever got tips. I was there six months and probably got a tenner in total.