Otherwise timeless things dated by topical references

ITT: Things which are already dated, or things which you can already tell will become dated.

The Black Mirror episode / game Bandersnatch including the Netflix logo as one of the options

George Snr. in Arrested Development being found in that pit, visually similar to how Saddam Hussein was found.

Kelly Rowland sending a text message via Excel in the music video for ‘Dilemma’


In Jane Eyre when Rochester starts going on about how much he digs the new Alanis Morisette CD.

Threads on these boards where there’s a year in the title still being posted in long after that year has passed

When I watched AD with my kids I spent a lot of time explaining topical gags to them

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Any post 2000 sci fi involving heavy reliance on physical data storage methods

I’m looking at you Minority Report

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I’m going through it all again now with my girlfriend, and most of the humour is timeless, but now and again there’ll be a moment which puts you firmly in that time.