Our generation's [insert classic band] is [insert modern band]?


Posted this in another thread, but had they only released their first album and split up 80s Matchbox B-line Disaster would have been regarded as our generations Stooges in years to come. But let’s think of some others. These can either be in terms of music, or cultural impact.

Our generation’s:

Stooges -> 80s Matchbox
Black Sabbath -> Electric Wizard
Aerosmith -> Kings of Leon
The Beach Boys -> Futureheads
Bob Dylan -> Ed Sheeran (think about it, it makes sense)
Velvet Underground -> Kasabian
David Bowie -> Lady Gaga
Genesis -> Radiohead
Elton John -> Andrew W.K.
Kiss -> Turbonegro

Comedy answers also welcome.


are these not comedy answers?!


They all seem legit to me.


Lady Gaga would be Madonna, no?


Bob Dylan -> Jake Bugg


They each have some genuinely great and interesting songs and the same “whip em out to piss off daddy” attitude.


Madonna -> Miley Cyrus, obviously


Brian Eno -> Calvin Harris


The Gerogerigegege -> Fat White Family


Fugazi -> Bomb The Music Industry! (in terms of trying to keep shows cheap, all ages, no dick’eds, etc)


This elicited a proper snorted laugh from me :smiley:


The Stooges released more than one album.



Miley is clearly Britney.

At a push Miley could also be Tiffany.


Status Quo --> Kasabian


Kraftwerk --> Chainsmokers


No, Status Quo -> The Datsuns (or maybe Wolfmother).


Phil Collins era, yeah? When he moved front of stage and the drums were left behind


Beatles -> Blur


Stravinsky -> dog playing piano


*cat playing piano