Our Planet

New David Attenborough doc series out on Netflix as of Friday.

As ever, it’s stunning. So talk about it here I guess.

Ep 1:

the literal wingmen!! great lads

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In actual tears at the end of ep2 with those walruses. Fuck people.

Seen one animal, youve seen them all



Just furry people really aren’t they

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Feels weird that it’s on Netflix

isn’t this called One Planet?

nevermind, its Our Planet

He may be a planet but he’s Our Planet.

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Shit planet for cunts


Dancing birds :heart_eyes:

Episode 2:The walruses… One of the most heartbreaking things I’ve ever seen. Knew it was coming the instant they mentioned the cliffs.

Enjoying the series otherwise though. Feel like they could be a bit more explicit about the human causes of climate change but hard to complain when the footage is so good.

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The Peoples Planet