"Our records show you were recently involved in a car accident"

Still get loads of these calls. How do you handle them? Hang up? Bit of light trolling? Go off on one?

I got one the other day and I was so stressed with work and thought it was a client at first.

They were all polite and said their name and stuff, and then when they came in with the sucker punch and I just went silent. Stunned.

After a second, went gently, ‘please, just give me a break’

It’s likely some poor bastard in a call centre on a commission-based salary on the other end of the phone. I just hang up so as not to waste either of our time.


If it’s a real person, say nope, wish them all the best, and hang up. Poor bastards that have to do that as a job…

If it’s automated, spend as much time stringing it out as possible to minimise the effectiveness of their system.

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“no thank you, have a good day”

Why would you ‘go off’ on some poor person earning minimum wage in a miserable job?


I sometimes say ‘yes but it was my fault’ and then they hang up on me.


Oh, total CBA. Just “no thanks” and hang up.

I play the big shot “I REALLY DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS?!?”

then I come back on here to talk about pringles or whatever.


I got them for ages and then I said

“That’s all sorted. It was my fault. I caused the crash” and I’ve not had one since

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Say no, sometimes ask for them to take my number out of their records if I’ve had the same company repeatedly, though I doubt it has an impact. Always cheery and polite though obvs

I do this but also report the number through Telephone Preference Service.

I’ve not been in an accident, sorry, bye.

I don’t know if they got my deets somehow from some sort of car crash database? or if they called me randomly and I was like “yes I was involved in a car accident” which meant that I was someone they should call back all the time?

but the first time I got the calls was after I actually was involved in a car accident and they knew details about my insurance company, so that was confusing.

I don’t understand how it works but saying that it was my fault seemed to make them go away :man_shrugging:

It’s not a real person, it’s a recording.

I haven’t answered my phone to an unknown/unsaved number in years, pure bliss. If it’s important they’ll leave a voicemail


“Christ, maybe? I can’t drive!”


doesn’t seem to do anything to put them off!

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Not always

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‘It was only five minutes ago, I’m still trapped! Heeeeeelp!’

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They hang outside of insurance company’s offices and offer a suitcase of unmarked non-consecutive banknotes to somebody who looks like they’re not earning a living wage to enter these details into a computer all day.