Our work café now stocks those Bear sweets (more weird work things?)


You know, the dried fruit based ones that you give to kids.


People don’t habitually bring kids into our office. In fact apart from the occasionally ‘bring in your children’ it never happens. You need to go through two security doors just to get to the café.

Do lots of adults eat these things too? Seems weird.

Anyway feel free to use this thread to raise things you find odd at work.


I’ve never had those but I didn’t assume they were for kids - you see them at tills all the time, they’re just part of that bullshit “healthy” snack movement, aren’t they? Like Nakd bars and all that crap.


there was a small bottle of baileys for about 15 euro in the mini bar last week which went out of date in 2013


They come with cards inside that are collectable and are full of ‘fun facts’ that would only interest someone under the age of 10.

Have you looked at that website?

And this bit http://www.bearcards.co.uk/timecave/


Those nakd bars are pretty good for an energy boost on a long run or bike ride so I end up buying them quite a lot. No fucking chance they’re anything close to healthy, mind


Wow, that is excellent. So your café is a bar to hang out in after hours? Or your office just cares not about sobriety?


Aye, they’re just pure fucking sugar, just because it’s mashed up figs and not chocolate is pretty irrelevant (I eat them all the time because they usually have them in the office, but I’m a fat cunt).


Sorry, I was posting a bit quickly/lazily there, it was a hotel mini bar. We did use to have excellent caterers here, lunch and leaving dos were always great. Leaving dos were a time when work didn’t seem to care about people drinking during working hours.


I had one that was called a bakewell tart flavour.

Fucking rank it was. Just a bland, chewy log of dryness.


The cocoa orange one is decent. But mainly it’s the lightest way to carry the most sugar possible when doing endurance training


have you considered sugar cubes?


He’s not a pony.


they disintegrate in the wet


I really enjoyed the bakewell tart one! Tasted surprisingly like a bakewell tart.


I like the cashew one. But those Clif bars are a million times better so I just get them if I need something like that.


I’ve had bakewell tart flapjacks before and been very impressed too. Take that @sadpunk


Sorry guys I seem to have created a thread where the cyclists manage to drag things lower by discussing what they eat while cycling.


for running I tend to use gels, for cycling I just get whichever of nakds or soreen are on offer at tesco express

this is now the cycling thread


No it isn’t.

This is the security doors thread.


soreens are for all day every day tho aren’t they

normally I’m just a banana person tbh