'Out of control' pensioners fined for hotel rampage








That’s Millennials for you.


I’ve been to that hotel.

That’s all I’ve got.


2hrs left then


Awww, sounds like they were spiked/ have dementia.

My favourite story of drunken hotel antics involves some esteemed former associates of mine-http://www.scotsman.com/news/probe-as-violence-flares-at-law-firm-s-weekend-1-1019207

Some otherwise quite staid people have a tendency to behave like animals as soon as they catch a glimpse of a fluffy towelling robe and a minibar.


What is it with that firm?


Yeah we clearly don’t get any better behaved as we get older


“Nae problem” :joy:


big fan of the added winning at the races anecdote


We’ll set about you :joy::grinning::+1:


“Who am I? I’m the one who’s just put him on his backside.”