Out of date office food



Just been in the downstairs kitchen at work and discovered a packet of cereal that went out of date in October 2010. Can anyone beat this?


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A colleague and I once shirked a really boring patch in work by clearing out the work fridge.

We found a bag of sliced bread so old it was just a liquid mush in the plastic.

We also found I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter that was 7 years old and had actually gone black inside.


I guess if it was still intact, it might be called “I Can’t Believe It’s Still I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter”




It had been opened and used a bit. Presumably its owner had left the company.


Our cleaners just discard all of it. Not sure what happens to tupperware stuff.


We’ve got a poster up here in our work kitchen saying:

“Any unwashed cutlery and crockery will be placed in secure storage”

And then below the text there’s a picture of a bin.



i saw a job ad today for a company called BESPOKE BANTER


Seven years in the fridge is quite impressive. The cereal I found was in a little-used cupboard, which makes its longevity more understandable.

I suppose you could believe it wasn’t butter by that point!


Eat the cereal eat the cereal eat the cereal eat the


I had a quick inspection, it smells fine


pretty slow on here today, eh


This was back when the company was fairly laxly run. We had the one floor and maybe 70 people on it. We even had a toaster in the kitchen despite it causing the smoke alarm to go off probably twice a year.


I’ve also partially ripped off a joke from The Vicar Of Dibley. A low ebb.


Was it better when it was laxly run or is it better now that you can’t make toast in the office?


It’s different. I don’t know, it was nice having the toaster.