Out of the whole of humanity

can more people hit a home run or dunk a basketball?

Inspired by this spirited debate:

Our parameters:

The home run hitting takes place in a baseball ground, where the minimum distance to clear the fence is c. 300ft. The balls are coming from a practice machine with a decent, regular speed, but nothing crazy, and no weird spin or anything.

The dunk takes place on a standard 10ft high basketball hoop. To count as a dunk, the ball must be thrown down through the hoop, either one-handed or two-handed.

What do you think?

I reckon more people could dunk tbh

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Right now more people could dunk, but I reckon more people are physically able to hit a home run given, say, 2-3 weeks of coaching

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i don’t know man, that’s a pretty “”“tall”“” order


This was my first instinct, but I am of above average height and know for a fact I cannot get close to dunking. Whereas give me a while at hitting and there has to be a chance I can get a good crack on it.

i was thinking about this like you’ve locked them into a stadium and they’re not getting out until they do one or the other

reckon it would be baseball.

Wait, do you have to do the jump up thing to dunk it or can you just lob it in there whilst standing?

I think the ability to hit a fast moving small ball with a small bat is a lot harder than the accuracy needed to chuck something in a place.

oh you changed your thing back. nice.


Is this you just not knowing what a dunk is, Ant?


No no, a dunk, you have to throw it down through the hoop, i.e. get at least your hand and the ball above the rim. It’s not a free throw.

read the OP, tone!!

do you actually have to hit the ball for it to be counted as a home run or can you just stand there while someone flings it at your head


how about if i simply throw a baseball out of the stadium

I don’t hold out much hope for Basketball Manager 2018 with this sort of knowledge on the payroll


Pretty sure I’d be dead before I achieved either.

Never going to be able to jump that high even with practise, guess most average height women are the same, so would have to say home run.

In short, question is a bit sexist

i see what you did there!!


Pretty sure I could slam dunk the funk.

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Dunk means you have to throw the ball down from above the basket.

Both hard, but I suspect more amateurs would be able to do a dunk, as all it requires is a decent jump and a tiny bit of hand-eye coordination. The power/hand/eye coordination for a home run seem to me to be less transferrable skills that need to be learnt.


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