Out of the whole of humanity

Nah. We used to play baseball at school and it wasn’t unusual for people to hit it over about 70m (width of the football pitch). With a little practice, I think there’s more chance of me fluking one over 100m now than there is of me dunking, as the latter is 0%.

Oh hang on


I could dunk with the assistance of a step-ladder or trampoline.

I could home-run with the assistance of my natural hand-eye co-ordination.

Its like the American version of if it is harder to get a 147 in snooker or a perfect dart score (proper British sports for real men and women where you van drink and smoke while you play)

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That spelling error makes me look like a German spy


Much, much harder to get a 147.

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given training the answer is home run. As of right now the answer is slam dunk


Originally I have always thought that but I am snooker fan. I am not so sure now.

The chance of nine very improbable things happening is slightly better than the chance of 36 very improbable things happening.

Oh, hang on. Did you mean a 9-dart finish, or a 180?

147s are a lot more common in pro play than 9 darters but I reckon a layman is probably more likely to fluke a 9 darter.

as good as no chance of a normal person getting either though

Nine dart finish

Exactly but you wouldn’t think it

Even though it explicitly states what it is in the opening post…

Obviously a home run: You have the advantage of the bat to give you strength. Even at 6 ft you’ve got to jump at least 2 feet in the air and I reckon that’s actually pretty high for more most people.

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you been watching too many Thor films theo?

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You have the advantage of the bat to give you strength

It’s not a magical bat, Theo.


been giving this further thought and if we are talking the WHOLE of humanity, think of all the pensioners/kids who outnumber the rest of us and would be more likely to fluke the homerun than ever jump that high

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Good point.
You never see 7ft tall pensioners. Why?

well I guess you and @Aggpass just punch the balls as they fly out of that machine but I think the rest of us would admit to it really fucking STINGING our arms up when they connected.