Outdated things that need modernising

Calling it a “new Moon” is total bullshit, it’s the same shit moon again and again.

Talk to me when it does something different.


This is an appallingly bad take


I’m with pinkybrain, i have crap fine motor skills and find peeling and chopping garlic with a knife really annoying

trains still go choo choo imo

Can’t say I’ve ever had in issue with using a garlic press, poking any bits stuck in it out with a knife and giving it a rough chop before bunging it in whatever I’m making.

that ‘very lazy’ stuff just tastes purely of the vinegar it comes in


Interesting. Is that being used widespread for domestic citizens or just for absentee / international / military cases?

Apart from people who are abroad during the election period, this voting method has also been offered to everyone over 70, even though a paper-based postal vote is also available for this group.

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Outdated things: people who need a special knife for tomatoes.

Just use a sharp knife innit


was eating a cadbury wispa earlier and I think all non aerated food is now outdated

ooh! I hate peeling garlic and a friend taught me this trick recently. Put the cloves in a mason jar or similar and shake it really hard for a wee while. The skin is so much easier to remove afterward - lots of it just flakes off by hand.

I have a bidet and I use bits of bark torn from a tree in my garden

Aerated chocolate bars are, to me, the biggest mugs game in the confectionery business. They’ve found a way to sell you air, man. Air!

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im buying texture