Outdoor Pizza Oven

Has anybody here got one? Can I have any recommendations? Photos of your set up. I’m thinking of getting one.

Are you talking about the domed brick ones or just any outdoor ovens?

I’ve got an Ooni Koda, which is their gas only model. It’s bloody great! It cost £250 which might seem expensive but we’ve had it since June and haven’t had a takeaway pizza since. We’d probably spend £25 a go and probably do that twice a month, so it’ll have paid for itself in no time. We’ve only done the classic ooni dough recipe so far which is a 2 or 3 hour prove. Personally I’d like to start trying longer proves but the classic is handly when the kids decide on a whim they want pizza for dinner.

It gets up to 500-550oC in about 15 minutes and can cook a pizza in 60 seconds. I like to take things a bit slower and usually do a pizza in about 2 and a half minutes at a lower temp. It’s very easy to burn the pizza if you’re not paying attention but I’ve already seen massive improvements in my technique. I’d say we’ve used it at least once a week every week since we’ve had it


Either or really. Undecided what to go for.

Have you tried it with wood chips instead of gas or can you only use gas? Also what do you place it on? A wall? A table?

what he said!

my set up is rubbish though, its sat on some old slabs in the garden but its only about 2ft off the ground so nowhere near high enough.

I am considering upgrading to the bigger 16” model for next summer, if the normal koda holds its value 2nd hand…

@CHAIRMAN_LMAO is the expert here I reckon

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Ooni do a table but it’s pricey.

I was gonna Diy something but I havent got round to it yet surprisingly…

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Indoor Pasta Fridge


Pantry Cannoli Freezer

Rooftop Lasagne Microwave

Office Calzone Toaster

We’re just listing Wilco albums now


to the tune of ‘all night disco party’

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Ours just does gas. You can get a Karu which does wood and gas but I think you need to spend something like £60 extra to get the gas converter for it. I joined the Ooni Enthusiasts UK group on Facebook before I got mine, it’s a good place for information especially if they are still as hard to get as they were over the summer. Someone there said in one of the many “Which model do I buy?” threads that because the pizza is in the oven for such a short time, there isn’t any disernable difference in taste between gas and wood. That decided me on the gas only one but he could have been talking out of his ass for all I know!

I just have mine on our wooden picnic table. Like @harru says, if I could have afforded it I reckon I would have benefitted from the 16 inch oven but as far as I remember it was twice the price.

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I’d get an Ooni. My Dad make a massive brick one and its so expensive to fill with wood and get to the required temperature, it’s just not viable to use to make 3-4 pizzas. The Oonis only require a few cup fulls of pellets to get bastard hot.

No photos of the set up, it’s just the Ooni in my garden on the paving slabs. Use it a lot. Once a week currently :grimacing:

Last lot of pizzas…


Cooked pizza on the raw meat chopping board? You’re a monster!


An outdoor pizza oven. I don’t even own a outdoor, let alone many outdoors that would necessitate an entire oven. What am I gonna do with an outdoor pizza oven?


good golly those are some fine pies

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That looks great!

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