Outer Wilds

Worth a thread? Well, too late now because this is it.

One of the deepest gaming experiences I’ve had in multiple decades. I still haven’t figured it out but feel it is coming together.

I cannot recommend this game highly enough. True wonder and practically every loop has me completely in awe. The music is fantastic. The moments of realisation. The game makes you feel life, inevitably, death, yet it always strives forward. It’s just magical, words fail me now.

Anyone else?

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I’m intrigued by it!

Release date: TBD


Looked like a great little game but gave me motion sickness. Glad you got so much out of it.

I’m very excited about the switch release, but also trying not to read too much about it. How suitable is it for multiple people playing along together. E.g. In the same room, sharing the same controller.

I would say it is very much a solo experience.

Extremely poor controls.

Fun to watch someone else play it (until they get so frustrated we look the ending up on you tube)

I don’t get the poor controls comments at all. In the beginning it is more difficult to navigate but you get used to it very quickly. Every planet or key location has a different gravity to it so I stick to one planet mostly at a time now.

I would go as far as saying the movement feels like an achievement all of its own. You are after all in space and floating towards something you want to explore, whilst out of the ship, feels incredibly immersive.

Most times I play it, which is daily at the moment and I am still to complete the game, but each time I start thinking this isn’t so great after all - then, every time I get completely immersed in what is happening or the locations. The music, feel, sadness, finality, interactions… more, within the game make it a completely unique experience. It is a 10/10 game for me all day long.

I absolutely adored this, right up until I figured out what it was I needed to do to finish it.

It’s a series of carefully timed actions in some of the games most tricky/hard to navigate areas, which take up nearly the full 22-minute loop length, and which if you fuck up, you (obviously) have to start over again. I had a decent few attempts at it, and got so frustrated I ragequit and have never gone back to it.

It’s a real shame, because the journey to get to that point was such a joy, the amount of creativity and surprise and discovery in the game is fantastic (and I’d still recommend everyone play it).

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I want to love this game, I really do. I love the idea, and I think the aesthetic is charming. The only thing stopping me gushing about it is that it is, for me at least, completely unplayable. I did not get on with the controls at all. They’re alienating and frustrating and ruin what could have been an all-timer.

Not really a controller sharing game I reckon. The whole thing is based on unpicking mysteries and working out how to approach things, so I think it would be quite fun to discuss with each other as you went, as long as one person’s happy to be a backseat driver through the whole thing.

The controls are a ludonarrative masterstroke

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This is definitely on my list of games to try next, might pick it up in a few months though as I am playing DeathLoop at the moment and as that works on a similar time loop mechanic (I believe) I don’t want to come at this game straight afrter that.

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people complaining about the controls, could it be fixed with a re-map?

There’s nothing wrong with the controls. It feels organic and real and this adds to the immersion, which is unparalleled for me. I guess a lot of games automatically get you where you need to be, Outer Wilds doesn’t do this, and that is a good thing.

Since the initial review Metro (Game Central) have written that they would now score the game a likely 10/10.

Its a puzzle game at heart, but once you know what’s happening & what to do you can’t cos of the crappy control scheme.

But that doesn’t answer my question

I don’t think the controls need remapping at all, it takes some getting used to, but it’s fine as it is in my opinion. It is a game that should be experienced.

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no, my problem is to do with how the game reacts to your input. It wouldn’t make a difference what button I was pressing.

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Which bit was causing you grief? I’d slightly misunderstood one section and made it harder on myself than it needed to be, but it was still doable.