Outer Wilds

Nah neither can I. But I also couldn’t really see what info from the main game would carry over or if there’d be any merit in pursuing the DLC on an inferior console

Edit: Done a bit of Googling and it seems that it’s worth unlocking several of the areas in the main game at least to get the most from the DLCs story. So I should probably play it on PS4

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I would recommend the horror version, and if you really don’t like it try the non-horror one. If you could deal with the angler fish in the main game you should be fine, and it’s not gory or anything. Outside of what the horror setting does, the whole DLC has a general creepy and unsettling tone.

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Wild how scary the DLC is.

One of the best bits of seemingly organic horror I’ve ever experienced in a game, when I turned off the candles in the alien mansion, not knowing that I’d released one of them. Seeing those eyes across the wooden bridge at the bottom… Damn.

Making a bit more progress now, was finding it very obtuse for a while there.


I need to get this.

I found the DLC instilled a proper sense of dread, amazing how the tweaks on the formula give a proper ‘you shouldn’t be here’ feel


The sound design is absolutely impeccable. Love how my perception of the owl wankers changed from ‘they’re probably friendly like the last lot of aliens’ to the opposite of that before I even met them.


Feel like I’m very close to the end of the DLC now. Have managed it all without looking anything up, feel quite stumped by this last bit though. Hmm…

Felt so good when I figured out the fireplace thing. Some great puzzles in this.

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If you’ve got some ideas of what to do I can let you know if you’re on the right track.

I’ll tell you what is not the right thing to do:

Taking the warp core out of the ash twin project to see if it lets you survive for longer on the Stranger.

Fun little Easter egg message though.

(Cheers, still considering everything but I might need some help here.)

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There’s actually two secret endings based on that, depending on if time runs out when you’re in the simulation or not. The dev team really covered their bases.

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Done it.

I think I thought pretty early on that I needed to kill my physical body somehow, I just couldn’t think of how to do it. I explored so many random different options before I realised that the weird green fire was still… hot burny fire.

Man. I had so many negative feelings throughout my time with this DLC. Now all I can think about is how (literally) awesome it was. So many jaw dropping moments that more than make up for the irritations when you take it all together. Just like the main game then.


How far into the game do you need to be to start the DLC?

I am yet to buy it and have updated from PS4 to PS5. My PS4 save is now gone, so I’d be starting the whole game fresh.

Someone might correct me here but from what I remember the first breadcrumbs are on Timber Hearth - it all starts at the museum. From then on it’s a totally self contained story.


It might have stuck with me even more than the main game. I don’t think I’ve played anything else with quite the same atmosphere. That ending is beautiful but really bittersweet. Especially when you realise you’ve only done that in one loop out of millions. I’d recommend redoing the main game ending at some point, it gets changed a bit after doing the DLC. And look around when you get onto the Eye for a nice bit of attention to detail.

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