Outer Wilds

No rush with a reply, my main game although initially completed, the save hasn’t carried over, can I still go straight into the DLC?

That’s odd? What are you playing it on?

It synced with my PS+ cloud saves for me. There was an option in the settings to download the save file to console too?

I reckon as long as you have the ship launch codes, you can jump straight in. It all feels - so far - set in its own little microcosm

I was sitting there last night playing this, thinking ‘wow this sound is so immersive and scary’ as a massive storm in the game kicked in - not realising at the exact same time an almighty electric storm was occuring above my house.

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PS5, I haven’t bought the DLC yet but will do so. My competed PS4 game didn’t transfer, all the other games transferred but not Outer Wilds, which took me about 90 hours to complete.

I just checked and other than the DLC overlapping subtly with the main game log entries in two places, you’re all good.

You’ll need to get the launch codes when going to the Observatory to start the DLC, but after that it’s fine.

No need to beat the whole game again

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I haven’t bought it yet, on sale until 27th, will have it by the weekend, had a poke on The Attlerock, and that solemn music came on… and I got goosebumps… again.

I have the launch codes, the DLC is still veiled in the Observatory, because I haven’t purchased it, is it a case of just fly there in the rocket and the game is then inclusive of the DLC?

One you buy the DLC you’ll be able to see the new exhibit and then a trail of pretty obscure clues awaits you

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Trying to finish Final Fantasy 16, and enjoying Diablo IV, and dove back in to The Witcher 3 for a big fight. Outer Wilds is one of my all-time favourites, and whilst I was playing the main game I genuinely thought it might be the best game of all time, which it isn’t, but it is mighty close.



Fuck me, what games these are.

Cannot get my head round how someone can be this clever.

There might be a handful of games I enjoy the act of playing more, but these titles have to be up there with the most ambitious, clever, progressive games ever made.

Only things that for me run it close of this ilk might be Portal, Shadow of the Colossus and Last Guardian, where in each instance yet again I couldn’t fathom how someone could pull that off.

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Okay, I’m in. Took me the best part of 2 hours getting in there, but I am in now.

Questions. Do I need to do that 40 degrees thing from the satellite every time / loop? Are there loops? I’ve been in 3 times, couldn’t see a thing, then fell back out into the Universe with my ship still in there and couldn’t find my way back in again, third time smacked my body too hard on the wall and died. Clearly amazing although I haven’t really seen any of it, just the very dark entrance, but I know I am in.

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Nope you don’t. You should have had the bonfire guy tell you when you first went into the DLC area that’s there a feature in your Ships log to mark a destination on your HUD.

Select which area you want and you can autopilot there.

Be aware though, that if you quit a loop or turn your console off, it resets. I didn’t realise this for a while and kept thinking I had to do that bit over and over!

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I’ve not seen a bonfire actually in there, I just know I have been in there, 3 times, I know the route, but the elation of actually getting in overtook me and other than the dark entrance, I have seen nothing. Lovely getting back to grips with the games mechanics, it sure is a mystery, looking forward to more.

In the DLC I have seen no one, just that dark entry, the eclipse and change of environment. Then death…

Ah no I mean the bonfire at the start of the game. Did he not interrupt you on your way to the ship?

No from memory, could be wrong, hope the main game untouched doesn’t impact. All that really matters is that I am in, but other than the entrance, I have seen nothing. Yet.

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I just used a guide for the first time. Was pretty proud that I hadn’t until now, but I was convinced I knew what to do, but just couldn’t find my way back to a place I’d been before.

I was kinda right, but it was a fair bit more complicated than I’d imagined. Not sure I would have put it together had I not had a peek.

I wonder if reviewers of the games had access to a developer or guide? Must have been very hard to cover if not…

Ok, I am properly in now, and it is fantastic, a delightful game with unique mechanics. In awe of just simple things like plunging into water, that sense of danger, other games just do not feel like this.

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