Outlook Calendar Irk

Doesn’t really warrant a whole thread but whatever.

I was on some weekly Skype calls that were a recurring series in my outlook calendar. I now no longer have to attend them but no matter how many times I delete the series they just pop up again the following week. They look like unnaccepted invites. It’s pretty annoying as they trigger alarms on my laptop and phone.

I’ve tried deleting the series and also declining it, but they keep coming back like a bad smell. What am I doing wrong? Help me dis.

is the inviter updating the invite every week with agenda details or whatever - cos I think that could trigger it to appear again in your calendar?

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Can you just switch the notifications off? This is my default to most things that have reminders for things.

Alternatively, does anyone else have access to your calendar? Like a department admin or something?

Other than that: Kill Jester. Burn Calendar.

One of the meetings no longer happens so it shouldn’t be updated. The other ones may well be.

I could try switching them off but if I can’t get them to stay deleted Im sure the notifications would come back too.

I would say this is a


Probably need to quit tbh

Well if no one comes up with a solution I may be forced to

Have you raised a ticket with your IT support? Maybe some sort of shitty administrative caching thing?

You could try doing it in web Outlook and then you’ll at least be grateful that normal Outlook isn’t as shite as that.


IT in my company involves Skyping some dude and asking him to fix stuff. I should but im being lazy and trying to fix it myself.

…a radiohead?

Does it pop up if you use Outlook online? If not, then this an Outlook software issue. Possibly clearing Outlook views may help this. If you let me know if it’s not appearing online, I can supply you with the instructions to clear the views and reminders

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Try this.

Isn’t that for one you’re creating / have created yourself though?

still got a couple of classes I scheduled on my google calendar that come up every week.

‘Guillermo 6PM’ - every single Wednesday.

I did create the original calendar invite myself and was able to eliminate the recurrence using these guidelines for the rest of the year. Not sure it if works the same for someone who didnt create the original invite however. Thought it might be worth a shot.

You should delete them

too lazy

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I never liked that Guillermo.