Outrageous music deals you have witnessed

Circa 1990 I witnessed a guy hand over a bag of records to a record dealer in the Rag Market, Birmingham whilst I was browsing. There were about 20 records, a mix of E.P’s, albums and 12 inches. There was in there the really early Soft Cell records, Mutant Moments and the like (I’d never seen most of them before they were that obscure / rare). If I’d had a mouth full of tea it would have been spat out when he was offered £10 for the lot (all in mint condition), I hate to think what they are worth these days. He accepted the deal with a soft “okay”. Over the years I’ve witnessed this type of deal countless times and with the renaissance of vinyl, what is the most outrageous music deal you have witnessed?

The Ed Sheerann am I right

Mmmm… I handed over a carry bag full of vinyl LPs I didn’t want any more to our local community radio station, gratis. There may have been some rare items in there, I did not check. Some were in mint condition, some were rubbish, most were somewhere in between. I did not want the bother of deciding what prices to set and going through the business of negotiating sales, I just wanted to clear the stuff out since I have no intention of getting another turntable. They will have either gone into the station’s record library or been sold in their annual secondhand record sale. Either way it’s in a good cause; it’s a community station and survives mostly on subscriptions and donations.

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So you’re saying you’ve seen someone selling stolen goods?

No. I’m pretty such there is a moral difference between buying albums i.e. at a car boot that you know are worth a fair amount and the buyer says something along the lines of ‘they’re just a quid each’ - and a record dealer fleecing someone.

Gave away all my records before I went traveling, I couldn’t be bothered selling them so gave them to a mate.

There were Swans albums before any of them were re released.
The picture disc of Killing in the Name 7"

I gave away a lot of cash :confused:

This is an outrageous bargain type music deal, but I paid £2.99 for a mint second-hand copy of Spiritualized’s “Fucked Up Inside” on CD. The muppets in the shop must’ve assumed it was a single because it came in a slipcase :smiley: --(heh heh heh)

Got Ryan Adams’ Gold LP 10th anniversary edition on clear vinyl new for £1.99.
Got the Bright Eyes vinyl box + Lifted… LP + I’m Wide Awake LP for £20.

Remember when hmv used to have a 2 for £22 offer on CDs, but like a limited selection of CDs, and everything else in the shop was £16.99. That was pretty outrageous really wasn’t it

I paid HMV 20 quid for Cake’s Fashion Nugget in 2003. What a bellend.

I paid £17 for the first Something Corporate album

Had a scam going with Amazon circa 1999/2000, where they would email a £10 gift voucher (no minimum spend) to any “friend” you referred. So I created loads of new email accounts for this purpose so I could refer myself, and complied a 400 cd collection off the back of this.