Outstanding / Definitive Live Performances (YouTube-centric)


Anyone fancy a thread for exceptional live performances, ideally which are available on YouTube? This can include concerts, festivals, TV appearances (no backing tracks / lipsyncing) and sessions. There should be audio and video of reasonable quality and synchronised (so that it does not detract too much from the performance). No music videos / lyric videos / fan videos / montages. What is the best or definitive live performance for your favourite band(s)? Music from all decades / genres encouraged.

I can probably set up some sort of collaborative playlist thing perhaps.

To get the ball rolling I’ve picked a couple of my absolute favourites:

Beatles - Don’t Let Me Down (1969). I am not the biggest Beatles fan ever, but this is wonderful.

Bob Dylan - Shelter From The Storm (1976). I’m guessing this is pretty well known, features on the Hard Rain live album.

Fugazi - Turnover (1991). We could do with a bit of this now to get through the cold weather.

Future Of The Left - Arming Eritrea (2009) Flawless Falco

Tropical Fuck Storm - You Let My Tyres Down (2018). Discovered this just yesterday, my new favourite track and performance of the year.


My go to answer


How many posts before someone posts ATDI on Jools Holland?


Robbie Williams pulls a face!



This is fantastic! Especially the terrified children when he is in the audience :smile:



Cheers - I had been looking for a Sabbath performance and this is excellent.


The blues are number 1!



Hadn’t seen this before, exactly the sort of thing I am looking for! Brilliant, thanks :smile:


Someone posted this in another thread recently - yep, certainly outstanding and would be tough to find anything better by them.


Isn’t ATDI on Letterman more definitive?




Sound quality on that Gojira clip is unreal! I had QOTSA doing Lost Art… on Jools Holland, but this is miles better.



Love it, but there is no video!