Ovals are shit

Definitely the worst shape. Wannabe egg cunts.

Anything with more sides than an octagon is shit.


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Not got a lot of time for Parallelograms tbh

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If you think about it, an oval is like an irregular polygon with infinite sides.

did you know that being served in wonky coffee mugs was how ovaltine got its name

I will not think about that, sorry.

Alright, 10cc

Ovals are shit
So don’t forget it
It’s just a silly shape I’m telling you


Valentine’s day has been this year

yeah I find them really upsetting

I don’t even know them

Should be called 0vals

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‘I don’t like cricket’ (if it’s at The Oval)




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Oval the cricket venue - shit
Oval the concert venue - not shit

Conclusion: inconclusive

Massive squares are worse.

Except ovaltine

Not even sure that’s actually true

The Oval Tavern in Croydon, is a gem of a pub. Not shit.