Oven Chips Crew 2021

It’s taken me until the age of 27 plus VAT to realise that they’re an absolutely sensational tea.

Post here whenever you bung some oven chips in. Everyone welcome. Except oven chips haters, they can swivel.


Had a ready meal lasagna (m and a posh one) on top of some oven chips last night

McCain HomeChips straight cut are the best kind IMO


Are oven fries also allowed in here?

got some ovenchips in right now, mates. bought the naked ones by accident, not sure i can tell the difference? they’re healthier apparently so i guess i’ll keep getting them

Surprisingly difficult to find a good vegetarian oven chip.

(I’m a vegetarian now)

McCain Homefries straight cut not good enough for you your highness?

M and S chunky chips V good.

Got some in the oven right now in fact.

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great but you have to overcook them a bit to be safe, nothing worse than biting into an undercooked oven chip.


This is just child chat

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They’re fine, m’lord, but if you try to go any posher then you have to go with Queen @Slicky 's suggestion or you’ll be up to your anus in beef dripping

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Got some in right now (McCains straight cut)

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I tried some beef dripping oven chips and I wasn’t into it - messy pan, greasy chips

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These are the absolute best



A good tea is some oven chips and peas topped with that Mayflower curry sauce made really thick.


Love oven chips. This is worth trying.


Ocado sell them. Get on it.

They’re in the freezer as we speak, YOUR MAJESTY


Want a chip butty now (the greatest food)


Just something manky you used to get when you had tea at another kid’s house because their parents were too posh to have a chip pan full of congealed lard.

Oven chips are boss, love 'em. Say yes to oven chips 2021

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