Oven heat blockers

I used to be in the thrall of oven glove but for a few years now I have used only tea towels. Sure I’ve burnt myself and dropped red hot trays of food on the floor but who gives a fuck?

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Have you seen those little silicone mittens they have now @anon29812515? They seem like they would fall off too easily to me

Actually maybe they are just thick rubber

I’ve had something like that. Like a frogs face made of silicone (or thick rubber). Load of shite.

Really the tea towel is all you need but it is a struggle when you have a cast iron pot or whatever.

How often are you lot washing your oven gloves?

I don’t have any!

How often were you washing them back in the day?

About once a month.

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Is that a lot? Not enough? I’ve no idea, it works for me.

I guess whenever they became filthy, food encrusted monstrosities. Once a quarter?

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Difficult to tell really isn’t it


Once a quarter? Who are you, Mr fucking Twit?

I’ve got some BBQ gloves. Maybe I should use those…

Maybe I’m a bit more skilled than you and not dipping them into the casserole?

I don’t use anything. Just wait for the tray or pot to cool enough to be removed from the oven safely.

Maybe I don’t make casseroles because my wife doesn’t really like them. Didn’t think of that did you buddy boy.

I once put oven gloves on to open the freezer


Did you say ‘ice to meet you’?

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Did you put freezer gloves on to open the oven?