oven temperature

this thread is inspired by two things

one is seeing this just now

  • gtfo
  • correct

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the other is watching a video last night where Heston recommended buying an oven thermometer so you know what temp your oven is really at

so, on a scale of Rachel to Heston where are you?

180 fan, m4.


Not Heston but I’ll use a range between 160 and 220 often, most often 180 (it’s a fan oven)

My oven is knackered so everything goes on at 200 or higher, reckon it never gets much above 170 really

Everything cooked at wherever between 180 and 200 the dial lands on first turn.


ok so the scale needs to be extended now

Ancient gas oven here that I’m not convinced has anything but one temperature. Everything takes twice as long to cook as it says on the packet but also burns around the edges before it cooks in the middle.

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Just stagger when you put stuff in accordingly. It’s not a way of life that suits everyone but you’ll never go back.

All oven food is 20-30mins on 180-200.

For baking or anything that didn’t come out of a packet, I will consider reading what they say the temp and timing should be.


Not big or clever.

Just mugging yourself off if you do this


Our current oven has had the temperature numbers completely rubbed off so every meal is a bit of a gamble


I don’t really use the oven much so 200 is fine for the few things i do make, and taking it out earlier for pizza or later for jacket potatoes means nothing ever burns. The only exception is when I made some polymer clay stuff and I used precise temperatures and would have done a heston if I had a thermometer

If I turn my I’ve straight to 180/200 it trips the fuse

So I turn it t like 30 or whatever for 15 secs or so, then check what I’m cooking and put up to the necessary temp.

Reckon I’ve told this oven story over 5 times now which is 2 or 3 too many

We don’t have gas lines here, so the oven is gassed from a bottle in the backyard and I’m convinced that our temperature dial is affected by low pressure in the bottle (feels like Good Science to me).
So I’m a full Heston wanker with an oven thermometer.

The right oven temperature is important IMO.