#ovenlife The frozen and chilled food thread, in association with @profk



Alright then pals, how are we all doing?

Here’s a thread to discuss #ovenlife: we’re talking frozen and chilled food items you can bung in the oven.

I’m very partial to fish fingers. Or those Birds Eye chicken things. And waffles. With beans.



Bird’s Eye Hot & Spicy breaded chicken breasts are the daddy.

Aunt Bessie’s croquettes are the king of the potato aisle.

Turkey Ds the envy of the kid’s section



I don’t buy frozen food that gets bunged in the oven



I think Dr Oetker pizzas are very overrated, just saying.




Can you still get cauliflower cheese grills? Basically had them about twice a week as a child.


oh fuck


Recently upped my fish finger game to these guys
They’re more pricey but such a delight. Gonna sort out my freezer later and do a big winter frozen shop. Which means for dinner I’ll be eating a load of frozen veg tonight (that’s just been for show to make me feel like less of a slob) to make space for really nice things, like party food


Oven chips and veggie sausages are I think the only food I have of this sort.

We do our daughter’s fish fingers in there too.


because you don’t own a freezer?


No, you’re a… etc


Linda McCartney mozzarella burgers (their other ones are pretty good too)


they’re about £1.20 for a whole pizzeria style pizza, how can they be overrated.
Like those Aldi square pizzas


I think that everyone bangs on about them too much here really.


I dohave a freezer

It has stuff like frozen veg, frozen leftovers, fish and stuff but no ovenables


I pity you.


these might be best grilled though, not sure…


Actually there might be fish fingers in there and I ruddy love fish fingers but they are always grilled or fried, never ovened.


I’ve also concluded, after trying all the brands and eating them for 10 years, and having normal sausages recently, that veggie sausages are awful and anyone claiming they are like as good as the real thing is out of their mind