#ovenlife The frozen and chilled food thread, in association with @profk



Yeah. What is up with this site and those pizzas?


the squad:


Don’t think I’ve ever grilled anything, which sounds stupid but I don’t get how it works. Like, do you just leave the door open cause that seems absurd.


As you’re the prof on this, would you like me to amend the OP by allowing chat about chilled stuff you bung in the oven too?


this stuff is pretty good though


Yeah, and you have to avoid burning them. It’s stupid. And they taste exactly the same as if you’d just bunged them in the oven anyway. A pointless exercise.


used to be a massive fan of this particular frozen pizza:

problem was that I’d share it with my wife, but eat at least three quarters of it. with chips. and sometimes garlic bread. not a great idea to do regularly.


sub’s bench:


aye. i’d say 70% of my oven output is chilled, tbh.


Ah, I see. Thanks! Glad I stuck to my guns on that one. Just seems ridiculous. If it can’t cook on 180-200 with the door shut then it can get out of my life


mate I’m really close to going full Stan on you, stop it. :heart_eyes:


you ever tried anything from one of these?

they’re actually not bad but it’s just kinda galling forking out £5 for a frozen lasagne


Don’t think I’ve eaten any kind of frozen food in the last seven years.


anyone who claims to use the grill on conventional ovens is a liar.

230 degrees, slam the door shut, back in 15 mins for your dins.


ice cream

check and mate


Can I shock you? I don’t like ice cream.


They’re the absolute worst pizzas


my parents buy stuff from here sometimes, but only for themselves, and as such, have never tried their range.


Yes! M&S shoud still do them and Morissons definitely do as I’m pretty partial to them myself.


the fuck? who doesn’t like ice cream