#ovenlife The frozen and chilled food thread, in association with @profk



@Kallgeese stinking up the thread. uncharacteristic, and worrying.


These must have made up about 50% of my diet when I was a student:


quite a few people are, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen so many bad takes in one thread before


It’s me! I also dislike pizza.


okay now we’re allowing chilled

(sorry but I will not acknowledge the new branding)


Agreed - you can get decent veggie burgers now, but they still haven’t mastered the humble sausage.

Had some tofudogs the other day though - they were surprisingly close to the real thing.


if you think these are the worst frozen pizzas you have not tried nearly enough frozen pizzas


the tezzers ones are also fine, tbh. quite liked the chicken and mushroom with a kilo of mash on a winter’s evening.


would love to know how many chicken goujons I’ve eaten over the years, solid member of the frozen food crew


named and shamed:



yeah, these are good


That’s a fine rogues’ gallery right there. Happy to be a part of it.


Can I shock you? I’ve even started making soup like this. Veg (w/ onions and garlic) in a tight-lidded pot to roast for however long it takes, then water and season, blend and add fat/salt to taste. Soup, 180-200 with the door shut. Just need to figure out how to do a stir fry in there now and I’m laughing.



@Juke is spot on about his grill chat!! Thought you agreed?!


cheerfully withdrawn


would easily go one of these rn


Oooh :yum: that’s the way to do it! Bit like a casserole?


the real quiz tho

  • double cream
  • canned cream
  • custard

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Absolutely. Total gamechanger for me, I’m buying one of those veg packs and other assorted cheap veg constantly and just roasting it up, blending it down. So good.