#ovenlife The frozen and chilled food thread, in association with @profk



all frozen veg is terrible with the exception of peas and probably sweetcorn


they’re the main veg, mate


custard. Double cream is tory


custard? no no

custard is for spongy cakey things. this needs cream.


big minus for me is 40+ mins in the oven. Normally decide I want one towards end of meal/after finishing and am all “40mins ffs nah”


Frozen spinach is good to chuck in a curry to make it look a bit healthier. You can call it a saag (something) and make it sound like you started with a plan and everything.


“i’ll just lob some frozen spinach in here and… oh no… now my curry is 95% water”


aye. if you put one in before the meal, I find i’m constantly stressed about leaving room for the strudel. the strudelton window is small and brief, and comes towards the end of the main meal. strudel should be a surprise really, but how do you surprise yourself? :thinking:


Ping it first and press the water out in a sieve with kitchen roll.


not necessarily disagreeing with you - obviously not gonna turn down la creme, but custard is always in the back of my mind.


that strudel your man eats in inglorious bastards looks well good eh

he had cream on that


the best by a mile imho

  • Broad beans, green beans. frozen aubergine is ok sometimes, that’s about it though.


quorn sausage patties are great in fake egg mcmuffins.


Make a nice thick curry, add some spinach, thin it out a tiny bit. Works like a charm.


broad beans - ok. The others: nah.


Yeah I was wondering about these the other day. Specifically I was wondering what exactly they are, and whether you can make them yourself. Are they literally just glued together pancakes coated in breadcrumbs?


i thissed his post despite not liking green beans and never trying frozen aubergine

have i been had


I don’t dislike ice cream, but i’m not particularly fussed by it.

Although now I’ve worked out I can’t have it because of some dairy or lactose (idk which) allergy I obviously want it way more than I used to.

Obvs there’s an ok range of vegan stuff available now but it’s not the same and never seems to be discounted. The vegan Ben & Jerrys is usually a quid more than the regular, and is never on sale when the regular is :upside_down_face:


I dread to think. I can’t imagine that they have much in the way of nutritional value though.