#ovenlife The frozen and chilled food thread, in association with @profk



Kind of hard to get ovenables when vegan

these chips are life tho


have you had the vegan magnums yet?


I googled

Those don’t look like crispy pancakes to me. They look like burnt pancakes.


Genuinely can’t remember the last time I ovened anything frozen. As for chilled: pizzas quite regularly, chicken kievs occasionally and nothing else I think.

[My freezer is full of chicken stock, homemade soup and frozen allotment fruit]


oh yes and a fucktonne of passata after this year’s tomato crop.


You’ve never grilled anything?


I will not be making those.


No, not yet. Was probably gonna get some in for Christmas. Can you get ones that aren’t almond or regular? The raspberry ones are my favs.


Lived off frozen ready meals from here for a fortnight after moving house: https://www.amyskitchen.co.uk

They were fine, but not worth the cost compared to a basic lasagna or whatever.


Was absolutely furious with 'er indoors when she got these instead of the breaded ones. You don’t fuck with perfection, k-worms.


Nah just almond and regular.

These were THE BEST but I don’t know why they stopped selling them. Can’t find them anywhere. The ice cream bit is like those cheap shitty strawberry whipped ice things you used to get in little cups in the freezer section


Bloody love Swedish Glace, so nice.


Not a fan. Tastes like soy.





Delicious soy


You’ve just reminded me that I’ll sometimes chuck a rank supermarket lasagne or moussaka in the oven if I’m eating alone in the week. Can’t think why I’d blot that out of my memory.


Can’t stand the soy aftertaste. Tastes like… soy.


No, genuinely don’t reckon I have


I refer you to my previous statement. Guess it’s just a case of soy-horses for dessert-courses


I put some reduced meat in the freezer about 4 years ago and it’s the last time I used the freezer. Might check on it some day.