#ovenlife The frozen and chilled food thread, in association with @profk



Looks like a painted wolf’s gums


Do they make vegan burgers intentionally look like raw meat or is it just an unavoidable side effect?


I actually might go out on a limb here and say that Swedish Glacé might be the worst of the 6 or 7 vegan or dairy-free ice creams I’ve had.


…or what @Sexico_Mitty said…


This is a heck of a chilly plant-based hill to die on, but I can’t deny the passion of your argument


They’re a lot sturdier for putting (loads) of vinegar on and just, yknow, nicer


I have started a thread for you


Can I shock you? I’m not that into batter, as a rule.


:smile: x




On this I will agree with you, breaded is far superior


I’d rather have a battered sausage than a breaded one, but other than Mars bars I think that’s it.

Breaded haggis would probably be really weird too.


I was going to make a ketchup/banana quip but then I remembered that I bloody love (battered) banana fritters from Chinese takeaways so I better not.


Proper Jenga’d the gastro chips.


this fella is quite good

and quorn nuggets obviously

and linda’s rosemary and red onion veg soss


Quote nuggets are so good I don’t know why anyone bothers with chicken ones. Could do with a breaded option though


can’t not think about marcofella every time I see these pizzas :frowning:

they even have a brand called ‘sweetfellas’ :frowning:


frozen broad beans are better than fresh - they freeze them before the skins get all tough and inedible

Frozen spinach is also decent in things like curries and pasta sauce


i don’t trust frozen spinach




On well fired rolls with your choice of sauce. I recommend brown.