#ovenlife The frozen and chilled food thread, in association with @profk



god, the laboured breathing / bacon grills interface :flushed:


Haggis ‘bon bons’ are a thing of course. Never had them but I imagine they’d need a very good sauce.


They are really good to be fair.


this is a great channel


That title. Grim.
edit - just scrolled through it, feel quite sad now. Hope he’s okay.


Can’t believe no ones posted this


Do you think it’s hiding a terrible secret?


About a minute in, this is great value stuff. Goes a bit Harry Enfield ‘OI, NO!’


i think it’s hiding a whole load of dead bugs


Potato waffles

  • Oven like a fucking mug
  • Toaster like a pro

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and of course…


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


this is one of the best videos on the internet.

'and that’s why I’m called Mr Piano

well, not anymore, but anyway’


It’s the squaring up to the camera that does it for me.


Feel bad for laughing at this.

‘And of COURSE, Piano House’


now i have a freezer i am all over the frozen aisle.

veg and pizzas and fish and potato based accompaniments (sp?). do wish there was a bit more veggie choice here though, there seems to be A LOT of chicken.

as someone who struggles with using up fresh veg before it goes off, frozen veg is a godsend.






talks about squaring up to the manager and telling him to like it or lump it -

‘and it didn’t go down too well’



This type of thing is the best thing about the internet.


genuinely creased up

  • steve mind
  • adam b
  • club manager

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